[sales management] how to dig and cultivate the best fit for your medical device dealers
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At present, there are 180 thousand distributors of medical devices in China, to find out their own excellent dealers from 180 thousand dealers.

Why is the excellent dealer so hard to find? What kind of dealer is a good dealer? Why are companies and dealers at? Why is the dealer more and more difficult to manage? Why does the business increase the cost of the dealers on the market, but the sales can't grow? Why do our dealers put their main resources and energy into other manufacturers and even competing products, but we have no way to do it?

To solve the above problems, we first define two concepts:

The concept of a dealer is a legal person which is independent of the enterprises, enterprise management is an important link in the chain, in the first step of the pathway, undertakes the product flow between enterprises and hospitals, transfer funds flow and information flow, is a link between maintaining production enterprises and hospitals.

Two: declaration is the only hospital customer specific customers. Because each hospital has several core suppliers, the hospital to buy equipment usually find the core suppliers to operate, customers can make up for the lack of entry dealer network, the deficiencies, but manufacturers generally do not directly and form customer contacts, manufacturers and dealers generally only business.

The general principle of cooperation between manufacturers and dealers is to establish mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. The process for manufacturers to build channels is to lay the foundation -- customer information collection -- Customer screening (assessment) -- negotiation (signing) -- market control -- managing distributors -- establishing strategic alliances.

Lay the foundation

In the early stage of market development, in order to successfully find the best distributors, first of all to the development of several hospitals, only in this way, the dealer will have the intention, more important is to find once have the intention to buy the equipment of the hospital, the hospital will usually put forward to observe the hospital visit, the hospital is the best local authority of the hospital is the hospital. Therefore, in the early stage of market development, many enterprises are going to put in the way, first let the equipment enter the locally influential third class hospital, let it use up, and then persuade other interested hospitals to generate interest in buying, and let the director of the Department report.

Customer information collection

The company collects dealer information through exhibitions, academic activities, referral of related persons and friends, medical device websites, winning notices on the Internet, etc.

Customer screening (evaluation)

Enterprise sales manager found famous brand dealers more difficult to reach a consensus in the process of looking for distributors, and only 1 ~ 3 salesman dealer relatively easy to reach a consensus, only sell 1 ~ 2 manufacturers dealer relatively easy to reach a consensus, to participate in the exhibition industry will do dealers, distributors of products department and do medical equipment dealers come from drug dealers to do other products is easy to reach a consensus.

It is a recognized manufacturers dealer screening principle: dealers have time, sales network, sales team, manage your money to the brand, the most core factor is the manufacturers sales manager's personality charm, only dealers recognized you, he will sell your products.

Find the dealer must find suitable local dealers, rather than looking for the biggest and most powerful local dealers, the largest and most powerful dealers not small and medium enterprise partners, one reason is the strength of the dealers are busy, no time to make a new brand, two is the strength of the dealer agent is a well-known brands, make money easy and lucrative. Three is the reputation of the medium and small brands to the strong dealers, the status and influence can bring negative effects, strong dealers do not want to take risks.

Negotiation (signing)

The manufacturer's sales manager and the distributor discuss the cooperation. It is divided into three stages.

The first stage: let the dealer have interest, let the dealer accept you. Talking about the company's planning, the prospect and the scale, talking about the selling point of the product, the market capacity and the core competitiveness, talking about the current situation of the market, and talking about the operation plan of the market.

The second stage: through regional exhibitions and academic activities, observe to allow dealers to invest time, energy and money to do, this stage is the need to manufacturers sales managers and dealers to go to visit the market, only a single mining intention, the intention to single cooperation is possible, the dealer is not see this rabbit spread eagle ".

The third stage: talking about agency conditions, talking about cooperative capital (intention sheet), talking about income, talking about risk, talking about support (training, academic activities), talking about after sale service, etc. all these contents are reflected in the contract, and after signing a consensus, they can sign the contract.

Market control

The sales manager's control of the market is reflected in four aspects: the control of the model hospital, the control of the price system, the control of the shipping flow, and the monitoring of the documentary process.

Factory sales manager is to standardize market operation of market control, all customers have a reasonable profit space, eliminate Chuanhuo, assist and supervise dealers into a single. The disqualified or violating dealers have been cleared out, but it does not affect the benign development of the market.

Management dealer

Before we manage a good dealer, let's answer a few questions. Are we able to meet the interests and profits that the distributors want to obtain from our products? Are there any measures we have to ensure the benefit of the distributor? In what circumstances will we damage the interests of the dealer?

The last one: No, no
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