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The State Food and Drug Administration of the Legal Department invited experts Jiang Haihong introduced a new policy that will support shehuibanyi, is expected to reduce the limit of large equipment approval; promote grading clinics, to 2020, grading diagnosis and treatment mode of the first primary diagnosis, referral, acute and chronic treatment, on the linkage of the gradual formation of grassroots medical institutions face the equipment renewal peak, medical equipment market will usher in a huge business opportunities. In addition, with the improvement of public health awareness, the demand for family, pension and convalescent medical instruments will increase greatly.

But the decision the type of medical equipment and medical equipment sales is not only the demand, and the medical sales model is also inseparable. Some time ago, the largest listed company of medical China MINDRAY and Chinese largest medical equipment business platform B2B Powell medical, domestic first strategic cooperation. This marks the marketing model of online marketing.

But the offline marketing model will not disappear. So electricity providers face massive invasions of the situation, the enemy approached the walls line, and marketers will be how to deal with?

Reexamine the relationship between the entity and the customer
The existence of a business model must be able to create unique values for customers, collaborators, and society. Medical electricity providers can develop rapidly in the retail industry because they can create more value for customers in terms of rent, labor, exhibition, radiation, mechanism and supply chain compared with traditional entities. Although the situation is very good at present, it is also important to see that it is only to meet the customer's management strategy to win the market eventually.

Only by constantly understanding the real needs of customers, studying the purchasing psychology and behavior of customers, exploring the role of enterprises, we should provide customers with the value, so that we can really get out of the difficult position.

Online providers are not restricted by geography. By means of technology, a large number of customers' search data and purchase behavior data can be collected, thus inferring the needs of customers, which is the advantage of breadth. But the offline entity can rely on the advantage of communicating with customers face-to-face, to understand the real needs of the customers more deeply, which is difficult to do by the e-commerce.

The entity can make up for the e-commerce short board

The advantage of offline entities is not only to understand the depth of customers' needs, but also to enhance the awareness and awareness of brands.

For example, the blood sugar meter is a necessary household medical device for the family of "three high" groups. Although a simple instrument is easy to buy online, it is not clear to many patients how to use it right after it is bought home.

In fact, the new blood glucose meter can not be used immediately. First of all, the blood needles should be loaded and debugged. The patient's blood collecting posture and the amount of blood may affect the results of the test. Many patients do not know, each use of a batch of test paper, second boxes of test paper after the need to re - debug the matching code, otherwise the test results may be inaccurate.

Use inaccurate test results to guide drug use, may delay the condition. Therefore, every step above is best to learn with hand handle under the guidance of medical professionals. It is difficult to solve this problem because the e-commerce depends on the Internet and the market covers the whole country.

Online and offline binding

The advantages of e-commerce should be combined with offline marketing to make up for each other and create more value for the customers.

Under line vendors can rely on e-commerce to get more resources to strengthen the inadequacies of the line, such as home service, commercial insurance, and so on. It can help patients more professionally and quickly to solve the problems of use and after sale.

What the customer chooses is the value that the e-commerce brings, not the business model. As a result, online sellers and underline sellers have experienced competing resources and mutual exclusion, which will inevitably lead to line and line cooperation.

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