The way out of medical consumables: the consumables enterprises should be assembled and developed
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In the domestic medical equipment industry, there are many enterprises operating consumables. Compared with the large equipment, it has low consumption threshold, large amount, quick return and low profit. So a lot of contestants have been gathered. But they are basically the middle and lower enterprises that stand against each other. In the long run, it is difficult to make big breakthroughs and progress. In the irreversible situation of the whole industry transformation, the outlet of consumable enterprises is a difficult problem in front of everyone.
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Medical consumables are widely used and widely used, especially for disposable medical consumables, such as venous transfusion consumables and blood purification consumables, which have strong market demand. At present, the medical consumables industry in China is in the stage of product renewal and the rapid development of the market. How does the production enterprise go further in this market?
In the future, the medical consumables industry will be more systematic. On the one hand, the production enterprises should continuously increase R & D investment and continuously introduce innovative products. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the development of aggregation so as to form a more perfect industrial chain and innovation chain.

Sales rise
Cai Tianzhi, director of the Medical Devices Department of the China Chamber of health and health products import and export chamber, said that medical consumables refer to the medical consumption materials used in the treatment process. From the price point of view, medical consumables are divided into high value consumables and low value consumables. Disposable high-value medical consumables are special medical consumables that are planted, buried and fixed on the body's damaged or diseased parts to support, repair and replace their functions. The disposable low value medical consumables refer to the medical hygienic materials widely used in clinical departments.

Cai Tianzhi told reporters that with the development of China's medical and health services, the role of medical consumables in medical services is becoming more and more important. Medical supplies not only helps to improve the safety check, prevent between doctors and patients and patients, with medical equipment leads to the spread of the disease, and many products, such as disposable operation bag, implantable consumables, which has great influence on the treatment effect of the disease, the quality and safety of health and life of patients.
Cai Tianzhi also said that China's medical equipment industry started late, early to imitate, in the type and quality of products and import products with a certain gap.  However, as a newly industrialized country, China has made progress in the field of science and technology. In recent years, the development of disposable medical consumables industry has attracted worldwide attention, the quality of consumables has been significantly improved, and export trade has also increased year by year. At the same time, with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand and quality of disposable medical consumables in China are getting higher and higher. In 2010~2012 years, the sales revenue of disposable medical consumables increased from 26 billion 160 million yuan to 37 billion 10 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 44 billion yuan in 2014, and it will reach 58 billion 500 million yuan in 2017.

Gather and develop into a new course
If the initial development mode of the medical device industry is the small businesses' respective operations, the industry now pays more attention to the systematic construction of the industrial chain and innovation chain. "Dr. Wang Xiaoqing, the Secretary General of the China Association of instruments and instruments medical instruments, said. According to Wang Xiaoqing analysis, the future medical equipment industry will present some new trends.

One is more systematized. At first, the development of the medical equipment industry is not dependent on the system, but the future industry will be more systematic and the products will be more systematic. In the face of this trend, every medical device enterprise needs to rethink its own positioning and product development.
The two is to develop to transnational enterprises. At present, there are fewer medical devices that go abroad. Although MINDRAY and other ethnic enterprises have made progress overseas, they still have a long way to go compared with transnational giants.
The three is the higher standard. The national standard of medical devices is just a "passing line". The real achievement of brand is often the internal standard of enterprises. In the future, some enterprises will set up a higher standard that accords with the consumption demand of the Chinese people. The four is basic research. Both medical consumables and medical instruments are the primary requirements for safety. Some of the domestic medical devices are not very popular in the foreign market, one of the reasons is that the reliability is not enough. There are many reasons for this, such as design, technology and so on. It is foreseeable that the basic research of medical equipment will be further deepened in the future.
Wang Xiaoqing also said that the transnational medical equipment enterprises in the market competition, it often has a perfect industry chain as a support. This means that the development of domestic enterprises, stragglers and disbanded soldiers are actually in competition with multinational giants and the industrial system, the strength of the poor as can be imagined. In the future, the medical equipment industry in China will also establish more cooperative development platform.

Development of centralized distribution model

The so-called CGPO is a new business mode entrusted by professional organizations, which is commissioned by medical consumables, and negotiated with medical consumables producers, distributors and other sellers. It is a new business mode of centralized supply of medical consumables to medical institutions through integrated support team. "China medical instrument limited company professionals explained that the main advantage of CGPO is that you can reduce the production cost of enterprise management, and the cost of compression of the circulation of intermediate links, to reduce the price of consumables, and further guarantee the quality of products, reduce the risk and improve the hospital management level, but also help to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

President of Henan Province, Tuoren Medical Association chairman Wang Guosheng said that with the deepening medical reform, centralized drug distribution system implementation and has achieved initial success, but to the "30 principles", namely zero contact, zero inventory, zero risk for upgrading medical consumables industry characteristics are formed. Based on this

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